1. Main Gang Rules

1.1 Alliances - Alliance at this time is only allowed for dealings. Alliances are strictly not allowed for turf wars or gang fights.

=> As an official member of a gang, you will not be allowed to take part in any kind of gang activities apart from your gang.

1.2 Gang Turf - You are not allowed to broadcast the identity or location of your turf to the general public. You can’t directly let your turf be revealed to any of your OOC friends, people you don’t know or don’t trust(in RP) or recently whitelisted guys.

1.3 Turf grinding - You are not allowed to hold/grind other turfs without the consent of the gang responsible for that turf.

1.4 Snitching RP - Snitching RP is not allowed but if you are found doing snitching RP by your gang they will be allowed to give your character perma.Intentionally leaving a gang due to OOC reason and then revealing your turf to any other gang member or members outside your gang will also be considered in snitching RP and breaking of character.

1.5 OOC Ranting - If we get any reports about anyone ranting about any server on your respective streams will be facing consequences. Promoting other servers, using slang language to talk about other servers is also bannable. If you have any feedback about HTRP , it is highly recommended to discuss the improvement with the staff team, rather than discussing on-stream.

1.7 You cannot kill anyone directly without initiating any kind of roleplay just on the basis of their gang colors.

1.8 Only registered gang members will be part of Gang war, civilians cannot be a part of this at any cost.

1.9 No use of foul or abusive language is tolerated. If you are reported, your gang would be given a gang strike and the respective member will be banned.

1.10 Intentional pitting and ramming is strictly not allowed and failure to comply will be a bannable offence along with gang strike.

1.11 You are not allowed to initiate any disrespecting roleplay with a dead body.
=> You are not allowed to initiate any kind of third party conversation when executing someone or when a person is down which involves directly or indirectly referring to the person who is down.

1.13 You are not allowed to initiate Gang War or Gang Activity in the city. If you do initiate the same and are caught in the activity, it can be considered as an act of Terrorism as you pose as a threatht to the civilians. Law enforcement can take actions against you as you are endangering the life of the civilians and destroying public property.

1.14 You are required to wear your Gang-Outfit whenever you are trying to do any kind of gang activity, not doing so will result in the gang strike.

1.15 Choosing shooters and grinders over Role-players is not acceptable and will not be entertained.

1.16 You will not be allowed to force players to kill off their character.

2. Initiation Gang War

2.1 Every gang war needs to have a proper meeting. (in which you are asked to discuss the street rules rather than just promoting actions leading to Gunplay over Roleplay). During this meeting you are not allowed to have a gun fight, if the situation gets heated, both parties will leave the city and fight according to what was discussed in the meeting.

=> This rule is made to give every gang a fair chance of a fight.

2.2 There will be a place decided by the Syndicate which would be marked as Safe Haven which can be used for the things mentioned below

=> Meeting with any of the gang

=> Deciding the rules for the street war

=> Resolving any conflicts involving one or more than one gang.

2.3 You should have a very strong reason to invoke a gang war against any of the official gang/unofficial gang , you will not be allowed to initiate or intentionally provoke gangs without having a proper story associated with it.

=> To initiate a gang war can be done in a variety of ways but it could be mainly due to verbal disagreement and you will not be allowed to have a pre-gained OOC knowledge about turfs , drugs or any game mechanics.

2.4 You can initiate Parley if you feel that you need a break or just to put an end to the war, you can do it by contacting the opposing gang leader.

2.5 If you lose a scenario regarding a gang war , take the loss DO NOT under any circumstances bother staff members with DM’s. If you have a problem, create a ticket. DO NOT GO OOC IN GAME

3. Safe Haven Rules and Regulation

3.1 You will not be allowed to draw any kind of weapon when you are in Safe Haven

3.2 You can’t camp within the radius of 500 meters of the Safe Haven.

3.3 Your gang identity should be clearly visible.

3.4 If by any chance a weapon is drawn out by any of the gang or gang members inside the Safe Haven , an OPEN BOUNTY will be initiated to everybody in the whole city against him.

4. Miscellaneous Gang Rules

4.1 If you encounter a Civilian illegally grinding over your turf you promote RP rather than killing them or forcing them to take NLR

Ideas of RP (incase such situation arises)

=> Ask them how they found out this place.

=> What’s their side of the story behind coming to that place.

=> It’s your decision to act accordingly as it would directly or indirectly reveal the location of your turf. But directly forcing them to take the NLR or looting them would not be considered a wise choice to broadcast a quality RP.

4.2 No gangs can provoke a civilian to grind on other gang turf no matter what.

4.3 Leaving Gang

=> If you choose to leave any gang due to OOC reasons , you will be placed on a cooldown for 2 weeks.

=> If you wish to join any other gang you can initiate the RP during the cool down period and join the gang only after the cool down period.

=> You will not be allowed to snitch any information about your previous gang.

=> During the cooldown period you will not be allowed to participate in any gang activity.

=> If you are leaving any gang, there needs to be a proper backstory involved, you will not be allowed to leave the gang without a proper backstory. (this needs to be posted in the gang story)

=> If you are leaving a gang, you are not allowed to take any of the gang resources

5. Gang Strike System

5.1 Gangs will function on a 5-strikes system for failure to obey rules.

5.2 First and Second Strike - A documented warning will be given to all members stating the reasoning and how they can avoid further situations that caused them to get this warning.

5.3 Third and Fourth Strike - Another warning will be issued and further actions will be taken on members involved in not obeying the rules that caused this warning. Offenders are subject to kicks and bans at this strike level.

5.4 Final Strike - Complete disbandment of the group. The group will immediately cease all actions and be forced to dissolve their group. Failure to do so will result in bans for all members disobeying staff.

6. Gang Registration and Gang Formation

6.1 You will be allowed to initiate a formation of a gang only after a minimum of 25 days of active roleplay on the server.

6.2 All the members in your gang should not be banned within 15 days from the date of registration of your gang.

6.3 Gang Limit and Gang Formation- The current gang limit includes a minimum of 12 members and a maximum of 16 members. You need to have a minimum member count to establish a gang. When forming a new gang or introducing a new gang member, they need to have a proper gang backstory. (this needs to be posted in the gang story).

6.4 You will be given a time span of 1 week to compensate for the loss of members of your gang, failing to do so would place your gang on cooldown.

6.5 Unofficials gangs are allowed to go on any of the gang turf , but under no circumstances you are allowed to grind illegally without initiating any RP with the respective gang holding that turf.